Readings of radioactivity in the air
Readings of radioactivity in the air and water are at levels that do not have a negative health impact. We could like to encourage you to enroll in our program as there are no perceived threats to your well-being. Please refer to the following website for more details.

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About ELSU

Shizuoka University has established an outstanding environment for those wanting to become the next environmental leader. We have established a strong bond by accepting students from Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri?Lanka , Republic of Mauritius, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Seychelles, etc. Together, we have done collaborative research and exchanged our ideas.
Through this program, we will foster environmental leaders who can advance the weak ecosystem of Asia and Africa. Our goal is to build a sustainable symbiosis society. In our lecture, we will teach and debate in English and discuss about maintaining/managing the ecosystem services, which involves the protection of our ecological system, and the absorption/reduction of carbon dioxide. For this symbiosis society, we will also lecture on social sciences and the basic scientific knowledge of law and economy for necessary International pacts.